Screening 3-Minute Short Films

from all over the world 

-Now Online ONLY-

San Fransisco, California, 

The Three Minutes Video Competition is an international extreme-short film competition hosted by TAKSHOT. Artistic and contemporary experimental three-minute films in all creative forms from all over the world can apply for and will be collected and screened once nominated. These Short Films shall be displayed to international community through internet by this platform and our other resources and Channels for directors, video creators, artists and other audiences who are interested in Short Films.

​Screening Schedule for 1st Season will come on this page. Last day of submission is March 31, 2021. You can find the submission link down below. More information is coming soon. 

Online Screening Schedule - 1st Season March 31, 2021

​Films will be up for a month. 

The films with most views will get a reward at the end of the year. 

Awards & Prizes

• Golden Award: 1,000 USD 
• Best Popularity Award:1,000 USD 
• Special Jury Award: 1,000 USD

7 Nominated Films: 100 USD

1. Submission Deadline 
Submissions will be accepted from February 15, 2021. The Starting Deadline is October 28, 2020. The Early Deadline is November 25, 2020.

2. Copyright

If short-listed for a Jury Prize, additional preview copies of the film must be provided or authorized by the submitting party if requested by Portland Film Festival.

Submit your short film here.

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For any questions and concerns please feel free to contact us.